In last five years we have worked on countless designs that combine comfort style and quality. Each piece of our collection has been studied and each material choice has been thought to provide children the best quality they deserve.


Janeiro, the cow roller, made of MDF and plexi glass. Wheels of wood with rubber tires. Extra silent.


Cartagena, clubhouse or playhouse. Made of plywood with a heavy cotton rooftop. It takes a minute to install, is not afraid of the outdoors. Design based upon child's first primitive representation of a house.


Lima, tree clothes hanger. Decorative, durable high quality and water based paint.

Salvador, high comfort and it dresses up the living room of mom and dad...

Quito, kids favorite seat. Strong wildlife pattern. Removable and washable fabric.

Buenos, comfort chair for children.

Bogota, comfort design chair for kids.

Caracas, cushion in the shape of elephant ears. Very durable and take off-able - washable tissue.